About us

Mewkou was founded in 2022, the oversized blanket hoodie is where our story begins.

"Winter months, cold weather affects us physically and emotionally. We feel more anxious and

stressed when the temperature drops.


With less energy and motivation, more bedtime and couch time in winter, I faced the same

situation. A blanket keeps us warm and comfortable, but we can't carry a blanket moving around

the house or go outside.


One day,I buried myself on the couch with a blanket over me to keep out the cold. My kid

(mewkou)played around me, Suddenly, l realized, why can't we make clothes out of a blanket-like

material to keep us warm and ease? So everything began.


Mewkou also got its name from my kid(mewkou)."

--Kuris, co-founder of Mewkou